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Multi-hyphenate Artist - Reshma Gajjar

VOGUE india

Interview with Reshma Gajjar on her dance / life journey as a South Asian artist in America  

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La La Land - The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Dance as Self Expression and Changing the Face of Representation in Hollywood with Reshma Gajjar

Where Natural Meets Magical with Reshma Gajjar

My Mohinders - Journal 
Reshma Gajjar 

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MLVC: The Madonna  Podcast 
Reshma Gajjar : From Madonna to La La Land

Reshma Gajjar on Spectacle

Close-up Culture 
An Interview with Reshma Gajjar

Republic of Brown 
Conversation with Reshma Gajjar (podcast)


Hindustan Times 
Spotted! The Indian girl who danced in La La Land

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