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Multi-hyphenate Artist - Reshma Gajjar

Heading 1

Dance as Self Expression and Changing the Face of Representation in Hollywood with Reshma Gajjar

Where Natural Meets Magical with Reshma Gajjar

MLVC: The Madonna  Podcast 
Reshma Gajjar : From Madonna to La La Land


Reshma Gajjar on Spectacle

Close-up Culture 
An Interview with Reshma Gajjar

Mark Summers Casting

 Reshma Gajjar Inspires 

Republic of Brown 

Conversation with Reshma Gajjar


Hindustan Times 

Spotted! The Indian girl who danced in La La Land

Film Companion 

The Girl Who Welcomes You to La La Land

Bird Talks

                 "Sometimes the world isn't ready for you. Sometimes you aren't ready for the world."


Mid - Day 

Reshma Gajjar from 'La La Land' talks about what it  was like to be stuck in the most joyous traffic jam